PA hotmelt low pressure molding
Vertical Injection
Hot Runner Turntable Machine


Hot Runner Turntable Machine

Turntable design. One upper mold serves two bottom molds.

Melt-On-Demand tank melts the resin completely in 18 minutes, taking 6208 hot melt adhesive as example, temperature at 200 °C.

Equipped with dual 1 liter melting tank to fit different color resin or different model resin.

Hot runner system eliminates runner resin and improve productivity.

Built-in chiller.

The only independent dual dispensing low pressure molding system in the industry.

Injection pressure can be adjusted by the touch screen precisely.

Temp in different temp zones like tank, hose, hot runner, hot nozzles can be set independently.

Automatic feeding system and ejection system is equipped.



        Our machines are engineered for low pressure molding applications. Using specialty resins to encapsulate delicate parts.

  Applications including : automotive electronics, PCBA,coil, fiber-optic, LED lighting, wire, cable, etc.


Machine Size (Width, Depth, Height) / Weight

1135 mm x 1442 mm x 1803 mm / 450 kg

44.69 in x 56.77 in x 70.98 in / 992 lbs

Working Station Height

850 mm  |  33.47 in


1135 mm x 2100 mm  |   44.69 in x 82.67 in

Packaging Size (Width, Depth, Height) / Weight

1250 mm x 1560 mm x1850 mm / 500 kg

49.21 in x 61.42 in x 72.83 in / 1102 lbs

Melting Tank Model & Q'ty 

MOD-01-900MD-DSAF x 2

Auto Feeding System


Gun Model & Tip

Hot Runner System

Each Station Gun Tip Q'ty

Std.4depends on part design

Heated Hose Model & Q'ty 

LPMS-H12J x 2


200-240 VAC / 1 Phase / 50 Hz

Temperature Control Zones


Temperature Range 

Ambient up to 250°C / 485°F

Max. Power

11 Kw

Min. Air Pressure

0.5 MPa  |  73 Psi

Air Consumption

0.1m3/min  |  3.53ft3 / min

Clamping Device

Air Cylinder

Clamping Force

Max.1.2 Tons

Clamping Stroke

75 mm  |  2.95 in



Ejector Force

2515 N

Ejector Stroke

25 mm | 0.98 in

Tooling Temp Control

Build-In Chiller

Control System

PLC+7 in HMI

Safety Protection

Light Curtain , Safety door

Standard Mold set Size/Weight

250 mm x 150 mm x 308mm / 75 kg

9.84 in x 5.91 in x12.13 in / 165 lbs

Max. Mold set Size

300 mm x 200 mm x 308 mm  

 11.81 in x7.87 in x12.13 in

Max. Part Size

60 mm x 50 mm x 18 mm  

2.36 in x1.97 in x 0.71 in


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