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About Us
LPMS International Ltd.Parylene coating & Low pressure molding solution provider

Low Pressure Molding Solution provider LPMS was founded in 2004. LPMS is the pioneer of low pressure molding,CVD, Parylene coating nano spray&coating film technology and dual liquid molding technology. Our philosophy is keep innovating, quality first, keeping the customers satisfied, keep upgrading. LPMS provides turkey solution from equipment, mold set, resin&Parylene material, set up parameters, training and customer service.

With the dominate market share, we are the biggest provider of electronics and sensors protection solution in China. LPMS has obtained a number of patents in low pressure molding industry. We offer more than 14 years experience on the low pressure molding to our customers.

The low pressure molding is widely applied in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical, industry, communication, battery, energy. We’ve done more than 3000 different applications. LPMS established distributions around the world to provide local technical support.

Corporate strategy

Our business philosophy is our quality policy

Innovation and Development,Quality First,Customer Satisfaction,Continuous improvement

Corporate history


2019-07  July,2019   LPMS designed the PCB 

tester and marketed it.

2019-09   Sept,2019  LPMS designed mobile 

phone battery automatic code scanning and labeling machine.

2020-03   Mar,2020    LPMS designed semi-automatic mobile phone battery head tape paste machine.  

2021-08   Aug,2021  LPMS designed 18650 

cylindrical battery tester.   

2021-10LPMS designed annular track type

 automatic low pressure molding machine.  This equipment is the first automatic low pressure molding machine combining automation in low pressure molding industry.

2022-03 The first full-automatic battery low pressure molding machine developed in the low pressure molding industry successfully shipped in batches.


2004-02  LPMS Founded in China 2004.

2004-02  First low pressure injection machine officially made by LPMS in China.

2005-02  LPMS was registered as trade mark

2009-06  2009 ISO9001 certified.

2010-01  Shanghai office established to provide service for China southeast and China north market.


2012-08  Non-governmental-run science and technology enterprise committee member. 

2012-12  Low pressure molding machine CE certified.

2013-11  Compact design machine patented.

2013-12  Became a member of private scientific and technological enterprises association


2014-07  ISO/TS16949 certified.

2014-10  Factory expanded to more than 64583 square meters.

2015-08  LPMS designed and put into market battery automatic soldering machine and battery labelling  machine.

2016-05  LPMS East China office upgraded to East China branch.


2017-09  LPMS designed and made machines that got ISO 13849-3 and NFPA 79 certificate.

2018-01  Jan,2018 Introduced CVD vacuum coating techology.

2018-05  May,2018 Designed and made CVD vacuum coating equipment.

2018-07  July,2018 The newly established CVD vacuum coating contract manfacturing workshop was put into use.