Low Pressure Molding
Hot Melt Low Pressure Molding

      With the rapid development of electronic industry in china, LPMS Internatonal Ltd. brought the fully developed Hot melt LPM(Hot melt Low Pressure Molding) technology into China and we devoted to promoting Hot melt LPM technolgy, which not only reduce the total production cost but also enhance the competitiveness of product.

     Hot melt Low Pressure Molding with hot-melt materials (polyamide, polyolefin,PUR.ect )is a process typically used to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic components. The purpose is to protect electronics against moisture, dust dirt and vibration.

Two-Component Low Pressure Molding

       The two-component potting technology is named so to be different from the single-component potting technology.The material used is two-component liquid glue.

       It is composed of two parts, A and B, of flowable glue. The B component contains platinum catalyst or other auxiliary, two components need to be mixed together in a certain proportion into the  mold to solidify. It has low potting pressure (0-6mpa) and short curing time,The complete two-component potting technology is composed of two-component potting molding machine, mold set and corresponding potting parameters.