PA hotmelt low pressure molding
PA Hot Melt Low Pressure Molding
PA Hot Melt Low Pressure Molding
PA Hot melt Low Pressure Molding & Its Advantage

    Low Pressure Molding with PA hot-melt materials is a process typically used to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic components. The purpose is to protect electronics against moisture, dust dirt and vibration.

    The process was initially invented by Henkel in Europe in the 1970s where experiments with hot-melts were used to seal connectors and create strain reliefs for wires. The first commercial use of the Low Pressure Molding process was in the automotive industry. The driving force was to replace toxic and cumbersome potting processes, shorten cycle time, lighter parts and environmentally protect components.





Injection Pressure





Injection Temperature

Comparison Between PA Hot LPM And Epoxy Potting


The process between PA LPM and epoxy potting
Comparison between PA Hot LPM and Traditional Molding

      LPMS selects high performance PA hot-melt adhesive, which has excellent mobility. The adhesive takes very small pressure to make it flow to mold, therefore, the products successfully over-molded without causing any harm in the process, greatly reducing the defect product.


Low Pressure Molding
Traditional Molding
200bar 400bar 600bar 800bar 1000bar 1200bar
Up to 350~1,300Bar
Low Pressure Molding
Traditional Molding
50℃ 100℃ 150℃ 200℃ 250℃
LPMS Total PA Hot Melt LPM Solution
LPMS provides our customers with full technical support services from evaluating products, mold DFM, PA Hot melt resin and system selecting, parameters setting to large-scale production.
Application Of PA Hot melt Low Pressure Molding

Automotive Electronics

PA Hot melt low-pressure molding can be used for a variety of automotive electronic products, such as tire pressure moni-toring system (tpms), seat members sensor of PCBs security with lock sensor, motor vehicle ECU, air quality sensor, PF device with the atenna, smart key (E-Key) system, and the like.



Low pressure molding is also widely used in LED lamp, LED string light, LED module and LED screen. Compare to conventional potting and high pressure molding, low pressure molding cycle time is short, productivity is higher, has no damage to components,and provides water-proof.



By low pressure during the injection process, can preventdam-age to sensitive electronic components. Such materials can be the protection of electronic devices from the external environ-ment (such as moisture, mechanical stress, etc.), but also able to act asthe housing.


Wire Harness& Connector

Using PA hot melt low pressure molding sealing cable clamps.This process for grommet live production,overcome wear grommet cable time and improve the production process.


Coil LPM

Low pressure molding provides protection to sensor coil, motor coil, instrument coil and all kinds of coil avoids damages to the coils happen in conventional high pressure molding. Also low pressure molding provides water-proof to the molded coils and improves the molded products stability.


PA Hot melt Low Pressure Molding Equipment
The Gun of Vertical molding machine moves up and down above the mould sprue. It is more suitable for multiple cavity mould. It makes the runner shorter to lower down the resin comsuption. Vertical machines are more flexible for cable products overmold, including LED strip, data cable.
The Gun of Side Low pressure machine moves backward and forward. When the part size is big and the mould can be only one cavity, the injection gate can be on the side of the encapsulation to avoid injection gate marks on the top encapsulation. Side machines have more flexibility for large size part overmold mould and mould with slide blocks.
Air cylinder drive, compact structure. Easy operation, suitable for proofing and small batch production.
Customized ranage in not only low pressure molding machine, and include whole plant planning to machine structure to meet a variety of production needs.
Melt machine system is a building block for low pressure injection technology. It represents many years of R&D work combined with customers' requirements. LPMS offers a variety of options from standard models to custom, such as the melting rate, pressure control, resin volume etc to used in a wide variety of applications
PA Hot melt Low Pressure Molding Moldsets
The mold set structural design level and production quality of the mold set determine the production efficiency and quality of the molding. According to the characteristics of low-pressure injection molding process and product features, aluminum or steel can be selected as the material of low-pressure injection molding. The injection type can be designed to be vertical injection, horizontal injection and hot runner injection.
PA Hot Melt Resins
LPMS sells all kinds of models of PA, PO hot melt adhesives And provide professional technical guidance and service to meet the different needs。
Production Services

      LPMS have standard production service department and manufacturing shop to provide small/larger quantities productions service and testing service. Service includes SMT, DIP plug-in, lead-free process, welding process, low pressure molding, testing, package and new part design service.