PA hotmelt low pressure molding
Side Injection
Side Injection Table Top Machine

BETA 300

Side Injection Table Top Machine

  • Intuitive touch screen operation.

  • 7 liter melting tank integrated into machine.

  • LPMS specially designed melt-on-demand tank can melt down the resin swiftly and evenly.

  • The gear pump is made of hard-wearing material,which is stable,injection volume accuracy ±0.1g,maximum shot size is 5g/s.

  • Injection pressure range 1~50kg, which can be controlled by the pneumatic safety valve. LPMS also have option like electronic safety valve, which means the injection pressure can be set more precisely from the PLC.

  • Over temperature alarm and automatic heating stop functions.

  • Safety light curtain and two safety buttons protect workers during the operation.

  • Ejection system.


        LPMS®  machines are engineered for low pressure molding, using specialty resins to encapsulate delicate parts, like automotive electronics, PCBA, coil, fiber-optic, LED lighting, cable, etc.

        The benefits of side injection is that when one large cavity being encapsulated from the center of the mold, which can prevent the gate mark from the center of product. 


Machine Size / Weight

29.13 in x 37.40 in x 37.79 in / 595 lbs

Working Station Height


Packing Size / Weight

31.50 in x 41.34 in x 46.06 in / 661 lbs

Melting Tank

Melt on demand 7 liter x 1 

Auto Feeding System 


Maximum shot size

5.8 g / RPM

Injection rate

5 grams / second

Gun Model & Tip

LPMS-G02 x 1 / 36.4° or 90°

Heated Hose



200-240VAC / 1 Phase / 50 Hz

Temperature Control Zones


Temperature Range 

Ambient up to 250°C / 485°F

Max .Power

5 Kw

Pump Motor

120 W

Min. Air Pressure

0.5 MPa  |  73 Psi

Air Consumption

3.5ft3 / min


Air Cylinder

Clamping Force

1.2 Tons

Clamping Stroke

Std.4.92 in  (Option 5.91 in)


Air Cylinder

Ejector Force

980 N

Ejector Stroke

0.39 in

Control System

7”HMI , PLC controlled

Safety Protection

dual palm buttons , light curtain , emergency stop buttons

Mold Set Size

7.09 in x 3.94 in x 5.91 in / 35.27 lbs

Max. Mold Set Size  

9.84 in x 4.72 in x 5.91 in