PA hotmelt low pressure molding
Automotive Electronics

      PA Hot melt LPM applications in automotive electronic products mainly include automotive wiring harness, sensors, on-site casting grommet, waterproof connector, micro-switches, ECU (internal PCB) and so on.

      Automotive applications is generally regarded as one of the most difficult area, automotive electronic products must be able to cope with very harsh environments. Before leaving the factory, products need to go through a serial rigorous testing, including high and low temperature storage, constant heat, thermal shock, splashing mud, salt water spray, vibration and electromagnetic interference etc.

      In conclusion, high performance PA hot-melt adhesives can meet the needs of the automotive electronics products to deal with the harsh environment, using PA Hot melt Low pressure molding technology can provide resistance to high temperature, moisture, water, pollution, insulation and so on, protecting the operation of sensor. At the same time increase productivity and reduce the total cost can help automotive electronics manufacturers to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises as well.