PA hotmelt low pressure molding
PA Hot Melt Resins
Automotive Low pressure molding Resins

Automotive Low pressure molding Resins

  • Protection after encapsulation

excellent moisture resistance, Electrical insulation, Excellent impact resistant

  • Good chemical resistance

Good resistance to oil、acid、alkali

  • excellent flame resistance

UL94-0 approved

  • High and low temperature resistance

Good  thermal shock resistance. Working temperature from -40 degree C to 150 degree C 

  • Environmental protection

NO toxic fumes in process and ROHS compliant. Recyclable

  • Process benefit

roduct design flexible. Stress release

   LPMS sells all kinds of models of PA, PO hot melt adhesives And provide professional technical guidance and service to meet the different needs。

General information of  polyamide resin




Basic Amber , Black



Tensile strength at rupture

2.7-26 N/mm2

Elongation at rupture

300-800 %

Adhesion to

Most of plastics and selective metals


94-V0 are available of most hot melt resin

Dielectric constant 

5-8 kHz

Volume resistivity

1011-1013 Ωcm

Dielectric strength 

20 to 45 KV/mm

Glass transition temperature

-20 t- -70℃

Softening point

120-200 ℃

Viscosity at 210℃ 

1500-13000 mPas

*Detail information please consults our specialist.