PA hotmelt low pressure molding
Vertical Injection
Hot Runner with Separate Tank

DELTA 1000

Hot Runner with Separate Tank

  •   Intuitive touch screen operation.

  •   Hot runner system eliminates runner and improve productivity.

  •   Separate 7 liter melting tank(s). Multiple meltingtank is optional.

  •   LPMS specially designed melt-on-demand tank can melt down the resin swiftly and evenly.

  •   Linear scale

  •   The gear pump is made of hard-wearing materialwhich is stableinjection volume accuracy ±0.1gmaximum shot size is 5.8g/s.

  •   Injection pressure range 1~50kg, which can be controlled by the pneumatic safety valve. LPMS also have option like electronic safety valve, which means the injection pressure can be set more precisely from the PLC.

  •   Light curtain and dual palm buttons for operator safety.

  •   Ejection system.


LPMS® machines are engineered for low pressure molding, using specialty resins to encapsulate delicate parts, like automotive electronics, PCBA, coil, fiber-optic, LED lighting, cable, etc.

Hot runner system eliminates runners and higher output per cycle. It is designed for high volume production.


Machine Size / Weight

960 mm x 770 mm x 1720 mm / 320 kg

37.80 in x 30.32 in x 67.72 in / 705 lbs


960mm x 1700 mm   |  37.80in x 66.93 in

Working Station Height      

840 mm  |  33.07 in

Packing Size / Weight  

1010 mm x 870 mm x 1730 mm / 360kg

39.76 in x 34.25 in x 68.11 in / 794 lbs

Melting Tank[1]

Melt on demand 7 liter x 1

Auto Feeding System


Gun Model & Tip

Hot Runner System

Each Station Gun Tip Q'ty

Std.4,depends on part design

Heated Hose [2]

1.6 m x 1


200-240VAC/1 Phase/ 50 Hz

Temperature Control Zones 

5 or according to the part

Temperature Range

Ambient up to 250°C / 485°F

Max .Power

6Kw / 7.5kw according to the part

Min. Air Pressure  

0.5MPa  |  73 Psi

Air Consumption   

0.1 m3/min  |  3.5 ft3/min


Air Cylinder

Clamping Force    

Max.1.2 Ton

Clamping Stroke   

150 mm  |  5.90 in 

Control System     

7 ”HMI , PLC controlled

Safety Protection  

Light Curtain, emergency stop button

Mold Set Size

250 mm x 150 mm x 308mm / 75 kg

9.84 in x 5.91 in x12.13 in / 165 lbs

Max . Mold Set Size     

300 mm x 200 mm x 308 mm

11.81 in x7.87 in x12.13 in

Max . Part Size            

60 mm x 50 mm x 18 mm 

2.36 in x1.97 in x 0.71 in