PA hotmelt low pressure molding
Vertical Injection
Mini digital control multi-function screw pump hot runner air over oil cylinder precise injection machine


Mini digital control multi-function screw pump hot runner air over oil cylinder precise injection machine

  •  Adopts high precision screw cylinder and hot runner system. High precision injection volume. Lower material cost.

  •  All the molding parameters are monitored, protected and controlled to ensure molding quality.

  •  Multiple injection zones with different injection time&pressure, different holding time&pressure, different volume is optional.

  •  3 temperature zones for screw cylinder. Injection nozzle and hot runner system temperature can be controlled independently.

  •  Injection servo system is intelligent controlled. Injection speed and torque are adjustable to ensure high precision molding.

  •  Compact design saves space and lower mold set cost.

  •  Over-temperature alarm and automatically cut off the heating power.

  •  Safety light curtain and two palm buttons to protect operator during the operation.

  •  Ejection system is included. Auto-feeding system and dryer system are optional.


The machine is engineered for small part molding. The precise screw pump ensures the precise injection volume. Servo system and 24 bit high precision absolute encoder ensures injection high reliability and high repetition accuracy.

Applications including : all types of micro parts high precision molding. 


Machine Size / Weight

960 mm x 1730 mm x 2015 mm / 540 kg

Working Station Height

1000 mm  

Injection system & Q'ty

Screw pump

Screw diameter

16 mm

Screw max speed

500 Rev / min


0~21.5 N.M

Injection Stroke

70 mm

Injection Volume

14 cm3

Injection Pressure

0-63 MPA

Injection speed

500 mm / s

Injection type

Hot runner system


Air Over Oil Cylinder

Clamping Force / Stroke

5T / 150 mm


Air cylinder

Ejection force / stock

100 N / 10MM

Electricity 1

AC200-240 VAC/1 Phase/50 Hz

Max .Power

6 Kw

Servo Power

1.5 kw

Temperature Range

Ambient up to 250°C / 485°F

Min. Air Pressure  

5 Bar

Control System


Auto Feeding System


Safety Device

Light curtain and 2 palm buttons

Mold Set Size

250 mm x 150 mm x 308mm

Max . Mold Set Size

300 mm x 200 mm x 308 mm