CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition
Parylene Coating Machine
Horizontal Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition Machine


Horizontal Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition Machine

  • Stainless steel vacuum reaction tank, firm and durable.

  • 1.2 meters diameter vacuum reaction tank is able to do coating with large quantity products or big product.  

  • The side open door design is convenient to put in and take out products and easy to do maintenance.

  • The turntable mechanism inside the reaction tank makes the product rotate during the coating process and the coating layer is more uniform.

  • Display the vacuum degree with digital LED vacuum meter.

  • All the vacuum tubes adopt stainless steel joint for easy maintenance.

  • Easy to operate, can choose auto/manual mode.

  • Infrared heating ring ensures fast heating up.

  • Adopt high - precision temperature control device.

  • Protective functions such as alarm and automatic stop of over-temperature.

  • Self-diagnosis function and all kinds of fault alarm. 

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       Horizontal vacuum chemical vapor deposition machine is a Parylene coating equipment used for waterproof protection of electronic products. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a process of depositing a 0.1-100um film coating on the surface of a product by means of sublimation pyrolysis of a compound (long-chain polymer material) containing membrane elements in the vacuum reaction chamber where product is placed.  After the coating, the electronics will have high-dielectric strength and excellent resistance to high and low temperature(-100-200 degree C), anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, lubricating, resistant to dust, moisture and rust.

   CVD is wildly used in aviation, PCBA, LED, magnetic material, sensors, silicon rubber, sealing element, medical equipment, precious cultural relics and etc.


Machine dimension (L*W*H)/ Weight

3000 mm x 1420 mm x 1620mm 

118.11 in x 55.91 in x 63.78 in

External diameter of reaction tank

ø1210x1240 mm | ø47.63 in x 48.82 in

Reaction tank mouth size

890 x 1200 mm


3 phases, 380 VAC / 50 Hz

Max power

15 Kw

Temperature control zone


Decomposing furnace temperature control

Room temperature to 700℃

Sublimation furnace temperature control

Room temperature to 150℃

Material door temperature control

Room temperature to 250

Refrigeration compressor power

1000 W

Cooling capacity

887 W

Minimum refrigerating temperature


Vacuum pump model

2RH 090C

Speed ratio of suction

90 m³

Maximum vacuum pressure

≤ 5 Pa

Motor power of vacuum pump

3.7 KW (3 phases, 380 VAC)

Motor speed of vacuum pump

1440 R/Min

Control system

10 ”HMI,PLC 

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Tag:   Parylene coating Chemical vapor deposition  coating equipment