Application Of PA Hot melt Low Pressure Molding

Automotive Electronics

PA Hot melt low-pressure molding can be used for a variety of automotive electronic products, such as tire pressure moni-toring system (tpms), seat members sensor of PCBs security with lock sensor, motor vehicle ECU, air quality sensor, PF device with the atenna, smart key (E-Key) system, and the like.



Low pressure molding is also widely used in LED lamp, LED string light, LED module and LED screen. Compare to conventional potting and high pressure molding, low pressure molding cycle time is short, productivity is higher, has no damage to components,and provides water-proof.



By low pressure during the injection process, can preventdam-age to sensitive electronic components. Such materials can be the protection of electronic devices from the external environ-ment (such as moisture, mechanical stress, etc.), but also able to act asthe housing.


Wire Harness& Connector

Using PA hot melt low pressure molding sealing cable clamps.This process for grommet live production,overcome wear grommet cable time and improve the production process.


Coil LPM

Low pressure molding provides protection to sensor coil, motor coil, instrument coil and all kinds of coil avoids damages to the coils happen in conventional high pressure molding. Also low pressure molding provides water-proof to the molded coils and improves the molded products stability.


Applications OF Parylene Coating

        CVD is wildly used in aviation, PCBA, LED, magnetic material, sensors, silicon rubber, sealing element, medical equipment, precious cultural relics and etc.


Application Of PUR LPM

PUR hotmelt LPM is mainly used for

bonding the frame and touch screen of various electronic products (such as mobile phone and tablet computer).It is alswidely used in the adhesion of glass,metal ceramic,rubber and plastics substrates in the microelectronics industry.

PUR hotmelt adhesive applied in smart watch and smart wear project:

1. Bonding the frame and touch screen

2. Watch bezel and ceramic shell

3. USB connector sealing


Application Of Two-Component Liquid Silicon Potting
The two-component liquid silicon potting technology is widely used in the encapsulation of electronic components and other products to protect against moisture and shock. The product potting with two-component liquid silicon has good transparency, anti-tear strength, anti-shock performance, electric performance, waterproof performance, high and low temperature resistance performance and anti-aging performance.

Widely used in following industry

1. Coating and sealing of various electrical and electronic products and components.


2. Silicon pacifier, bottle, diving mirror, medical supplies and other finished products manufacturing.

3. All kinds of food grade mold materials and precision parts mold making.

4. Fiberglass, military, automobile and ship components mold manufacture.

5. High - grade simulation food, simulation cake mold and simulation sugar.

6. The easy design and rapid fabrication of high-precision prototyping.

7. Silicon dental, medical products, silicon wax figures, silicon dolls, silicon parts, silicon sealing ring, silicon rubber sheet and other silicon products and mold fabrication.

8. Precise casting equipment, carbon fiber composites, machine parts mapping.