PUR hotmelt low pressure molding
PUR Low Pressure Molding Technology

       PUR hot melt adhesive injection technology melts the PUR and then injects to mold set cavity  or dispenses it with low air pressure.  PUR hotmelt adhesiveis a kind of reactive hot melt adhesive solidified after reaction with water molecules. Under the condition of inhibiting the chemical reaction, The PUR is melted by heating, and the PUR between the two products are condensed and cooled to serve as positioning function (physical reaction). Then, by the moisture in air and the moisture on the surface of the adhesive, it can expand the chain to form a polymer (chemical reaction) with high cohesion. The adhesive strength, heat resistance and low temperature resistance will be further improved. After complete solidification, it has excellent bonding strength, solvent resistance, paint resistance, heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc. Due to its high reactivity.

      With special PUR dispensing equipment, you can dispense only 1mm width glue line. Even the thin layer can guarantee high bonding strength. This thin layer also ensures that customers have the strength they need to achieve a lighter, thinner and more beautiful portable handheld design. 

     The complete process of PUR hotmelt glue injection molding/dispensing is composed of the hotmelt glue injection molding machine/dispenser, the mold set and the process parameters.