dual liquid silicone low pressure molding
Two-Component Liquid Silicon Introduction

      Two-component liquid silicon consists of two parts, A and B, which are flowable. The B component contains platinum catalyst or other auxiliary, two components need to be mixed together in a certain proportion into the heated mold to solidify. It can be cured at room temperature or cured faster by higher temperature.

      Two-component liquid silicon is generally divided into two categories: condensation type and addition type. The condensation type has poor adhesion to the components and the encapsulated cavity, and the low molecular substance will be released in the curing process. Therefore, the condensation type has obvious shrinkage in the curing process, while the addition type has almost no shrinkage. For electronic products, addition type liquid silicon is generally used, combined with special two - component liquid silicon equipment and rapid vulcanization of colloids under the condition of heating.

Two-component liquid silicon features:

1. Flame retardant: up to grade UL94-V0.

2. High tensile and high anti - tearing, not easy to deform.

3. It is not restricted by product thickness and can be vulcanize to a great depth.

4. Shrinkage is less than one thousandth, no low molecular produced, high accuracy.

5. Good fluidity and easy potting, can be cured at room temperature or cured by heating.

6. Can be adjusted to low viscosity for smaller components or for small gaps in the component.

7. It can be specially adjusted to be transparent or non-transparent according to customer requirements. 

8. Food grade non-toxic and tasteless. Comply with FDA food certification and SGS environmental materials certification.

9. Excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, yellowing-resistant, thermal stability and weather resistance (service temperature -60℃--250℃).   

Two-component liquid silicon specification



Transparent and non-transparent (multiple colors)

A、B ratio


Part A viscosity(10000CPS)


Operable time(25℃/min)


Cure time 60℃-150℃/Min


Potting temperature(℃)






Hardness(JIS A)




Tearing strength(KN·m-1)


Thermal conductivity [W(m·K)]


Dielectric strength(kV/mm)


Dielectric constant(1.2MHz)


Flammability rating


Note: different specifications of the silicon can be adjusted according to customer demand. Includes different viscosity, color transparency hardness, etc.