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LPMS International Ltd has been recognized as an

According to the Implementation Rules for Gradient Cultivation Management of High Quality Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Guangdong Province (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, LPMS International Ltd has been recognized as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in the 2023 batch after strict review by various government departments.


This recognition as an innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise is the result of LPMS's commitment to innovation driven, continuous and active introduction of high-quality talents, expansion of research teams, and increased investment in innovative technology. It is also a strong support and recognition from the country for our company's work in innovation and research and development.


Since its establishment in 2006, LPMS, a professional provider of low pressure molding solutions, has been committed to the research and development and production of waterproof packaging protection solutions for low pressure molding electronic products, focusing on the development and application of new information technology and new products, actively investing in research and development technology, and adhering to independent innovation. During this period, we independently researched and developed low pressure molding machinery, automation equipment, and molds. Our electronic product waterproof packaging protection technology is widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical, industrial, communication, batteries, energy, and other fields. LPMS has also obtained ISO9001 and multiple qualification certificates.


LPMS, a professional provider of low pressure molding solutions, has successfully passed the procedures of enterprise self-evaluation, preliminary review at prefecture and city level, and review by the Department of Industry and Information Technology, with its professional R&D technical team, sound management system, and good innovation mechanism, and has been certified as an "innovative small and medium-sized enterprise".


In the future, LPMS will take the recognition of innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises as an opportunity, not forgetting its original intention and striving to accelerate the pace of product research and innovation, enhancing the construction of talent team, continuously improving the company's core competitiveness, achieving professional, refined, and distinctive development, and enhancing the competitiveness of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises with strong innovation ability and good quality and efficiency.

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