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April,13-15th,2023 Productronica China was successfully come to an end.

LPMS, a professional provider of low-pressure injection solutions, has participated the exhibition platform focused on electronic production equipment and processes for the 13th consecutive year. The Shanghai Productronica China successfully concluded on April 15, 2023.


Looking back at the exhibition venue, one can still feel the bustling and bustling crowds at booth 3158 of N3 Hall. Over the course of three days, LPMS  showcased everyone's passion for low-pressure injection molding equipment and waterproof packaging protection technology for electronic products.


In this exhibition, LPMS carried out the process of molding the circuit board with the LPMS 700 shuttle table molding machine and the latest parylene vacuum coating. Demonstrated the low pressure molding and Parylene vacuum coating water-proof function.


During the exhibition, LPMS received widespread recognition from visitors in various industries, and the on-site booth was highly popular with continuous inquiries, constantly highlighting the professional level and product quality of each staff member. The sales elites of LPMS have always been enthusiastic about patiently explaining products to every visitor, answering their questions carefully, listening to their demands, and actively providing visitor with suitable waterproof molding solutions for electronic products.


The successful conclusion of this exhibition means that we will embark on another new journey, achieving our dreams with technology and building a brand with rigor. LPMS will make great progress in the low-pressure molding industry. We are grateful for the support of every visitor we meet. LPMS looks forward to meeting you again.

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