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Sept 9th,2022 Employee received moon cake.

Autumn is provocative, the bright moon in the sky, a miss two boundless; when the "bright moon" to meet the "teacher", is the reunion hit the gratitude. When the Mid-Autumn Festival meets the Teacher's Day, is a very beautiful thing, the Mid-Autumn Festival teachers double festival, in this special festival, low-pressure injection glue industry leader Dongguan Tiansai plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. would like to extend holiday greetings to you; early for all staff to issue the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, send sweet moon cakes, together with a blessing heart!

The moon is priceless, mountain love, the moon thousands of miles send acacia, a moon, scattered strands of thoughts; a cinnamon, intoxicating happiness in the side, another autumn month, teachers' Day, double festival with more joy, moon cakes with aroma, a box of moon cakes, taste the sweet life; a wish, countless better tomorrow. Low-pressure injection plastic scheme provider Dongguan Tiansai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. I wish you all a happy double festival!

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