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17-19th Mar, 2021 Productronica China in Shanghai

      Spring in March, the season of red flowers and green willows. On March 17, Shanghai Munich electronic production exhibition was held in Shanghai International Expo Center. As an enterprise focusing on low-pressure injection molding industry, LPMS participated in the world exhibition platform with electronic production equipment and technology as the main body for the 12th consecutive year at the invitation of the exhibition organizers. 


      The booth 6128 of E6 hall, where LPMS low pressure molding technology is located, is full of people, just like the stars in the starry sky. The injection and dispensing area has attracted many professional audiences. In this exhibition, LPMS showed two types of waterproof solutions for electronic products: low pressure molding and Parylene vacuum coating. The demonstration and application of low-pressure injection molding process of LPMS 700 low pressure molding machine with nitrogen generator, the application of the latest Parylene vacuum coating process and the waterproof test of the two waterproof processes were carried out on site.


  The display of various new technologies and new application achievements is the embodiment of LPMS down-to-earth focus on low-pressure molding since the company established. It also reflects LPMS ability to integrate industry resources and continuously lead the low-pressure molding market. It enables new and old customers to have a deeper understanding of LPMS and provide customers with more value.  

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