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2020/10/24 Company organized a one-day tour to Qingyuan < Gu Long Gorge > Guangdong

  Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, in order to enliven the company atmosphere, pleasant staff body and mind, but also to promote staff communication and strengthen teamwork ability, enhance friendship, unity and cohesion; At the same time, in order to promote corporate culture and enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, low-pressure injection molding solution provider Dongguan Tiansei Machinery Co., Ltd. organized a day tour to Qingyuan, Guangdong on 2020/10/24.

  One day's journey in the morning cruise tour "small Beijiang Three Gorges" landscape a journey, autumn water cool, cold wind without a little gap from all sides surging, even if so, do not affect the mood to see the scenery along the way

  It's a good time to have a picnic, and we' re going to have a good lunch, and we're going to cook and talk and laugh. After lunch, we' re going to see the natural oxygen bar, the Gulong Gorge Scenic spot, the thrilling cloud sky wave bar-glass Grand Canyon viewing: Wanzhang waterfall- rare rainforest waterfalls, cliffs, waterfalls, clear sky, glass canyon set glass cloud head, glass ladder, glass cloud bridge in one glass platform, glass trestle road, glass bridge, almost at the same level, walking in it, walking through the clouds, like a stroll, looking down, but also shocking, close contact with nature Let the body and mind get very good relaxation, thus stimulate the enthusiasm for work and life. I believe that in the future work employees will be more full of enthusiasm to their own jobs, for the company's vigorous development to contribute their own strength.

  Solidarity, positive, sunny happy family, how many roads to walk, see how many scenery, we can meet! Meeting anyone is a beautiful accident, life is short, fate is not easy.

   The tour in the company's careful preparation, enjoy a perfect exciting trip to Qingyuan.




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