CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition
CVD Parylene Coating Features


  • Good Biocompatibility. FDA(Class VI)comply and MIL I-46058C comply.

  • Optical transparent, colorless can be used on optical elements and lighting components.

  • The coating is chemically inert and has high chemical resistance and can withstand extremely  temperatures (-60°C to 200°C).

  • It has high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant.

  • Hydrophobic film, low surface energy, good dry film lubrication.


  • At room temperature, nano coating layer is formed, and there is no thermal stress.

  • The nano-coating is highly permeable, with no dead angle. The coating is complete and continuous without uniform thickness. 

  • Very low air permeability, no pinhole, excellent waterproof (IP68)

  • Highly conformal. does not form meniscus, nor does it gather or block delicate shapes.

  • Radiation-resistant, for aerospace applications as well as for gamma rays and electron beam sterilization.