about us

2006-10 Oct, 20026  LPMS was founded in Dongguan,Guangdong province, China.

2006-10 Oct, 2006 The first China low pressure molding machine was designed&made by LPMS.

2007-02 Feb, 2007 LPMS officially registered and approved as a company trademark.

2007-02 June,2008 The company moved to Daling Industrial Zone, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City due to the expansion.

2009-06  2009 ISO9001 certified.

2009-06 June, 2009 Reached agreements with low pressure molding peers in North America, Europe, and Taiwan to exchange and share low pressure molding technology and achievements.

2010-01  Shanghai office established to provide service for China southeast and China north market.

2011-09 Sept,2011  Reached an agreement with Henkel India on exchange and sharing of low pressure molding technology and achievements.

2011-11 Nov,2011 LPMS introduced the three-plate mold technology into low pressure molding first time.

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