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2021 / Zhuhai Ocean Kingdom 11 Dongguan Sky Race

Autumn in September, fruit fragrance, autumn is a brilliant, fruitful season, in order to let employees in tense work fully relax, promote communication and communication, improve team cohesion, active team atmosphere, at the same time in order to help our staff relax, September 11,2021, employees from dongguan day and family nearly 200 people, under the leadership of low pressure injection molding scheme provider dongguan day game machinery co., LTD., has carried out a wonderful trip to zhuhai sea kingdom.

After two and a half hours' drive, we finally reached the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom!We crossed Ocean Street, entered the Dolphin Bay theme area according to the opening order of the park, first came to the Chinese White Dolphin, watch the play between dolphins and human beings, and understand the close relationship between dolphins and domesticated actors.During the performance, the whale shark hall can enjoy the difficult performances brought by the white whale jumping, shaking hands, singing, dancing, overhead ball, jumping, backflip, water gossip map, water knight and trapeze to bring wonderful novelty to tourists.

Walk into the Polar Bear Pavilion, get a close view of the world's largest land carnivores, polar bear feeding time, you can also watch them diving!"Across the South Pole" We came to the Penguin Pavilion, which looks from cold belt penguins to polar penguins.Although the penguins are slow and clumsy, they are flexible when they jump into the water.

Drive a happy bumper car together, gallop in the colorful world, accelerate, turn, collision, enjoy the endless joy of romantic interaction between lovers.Like the parrot roller coaster, ice roller coaster, polar adventure, aquarium and so on, both exciting and fun.After the evening parade, the final fireworks show came, colorful the dark night sky. The music fountain was magnificent and the water flying performance, which was really a visual feast.

       People's life is like a bus in the city. There are many post stations. Every post station means a new journey. I hope that Dongguan Tianye will go further and better in the low-pressure injection molding industry!



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